Traffic Safety

After School Pick-Up Procedures

Dear Roosevelt Parents/Guardians:

This is a reminder of the pick-up procedures during dismissal at Roosevelt. These procedures Traffic cone.JPGwere developed in collaboration with the Village of River Forest and the River Forest Police Department to address student safety and traffic concerns during dismissal time. We need your cooperation in this matter to ensure student safety and order.


  • Oak Street will be one way going west during school hours.
  • The "circle drive" on Oak Street will be blocked off during drop-off and dismissal.
  • The west side side of Jackson and north side of Oak will be the student waiting line for picking up your child curbside. The outside lane will be for through traffic. Do not stop your vehicle in the through lane to pick up your child. You  may want to pick a spot to meet your child farther up the block to avoid the heavier traffic directly in front of the school.
  • You can enter the waiting line only by going south down Jackson in the right lane.
  • If there is space between cars in the waiting line, please pull forward to create space for someone else entering that lane from behind.
  • Please do not block the student crosswalks at the corners!
  • Once you have picked up your child, please pull into the through lane and continue away from the school.
  • If you have babysitters or other family members who pick up your child, please notify them of these procedures.
  • Violators will be subject to traffic tickets.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Larry Garstki