District 90 and River Forest Education Association Ratify Contract

August 16, 2017

District 90's Board of Education and the River Forest Education Association (RFEA) have ratified a new collective bargaining agreement, which will be in effect at the start of the school year. The agreement lasts from August 2017 to August 2020. 

Key components of the agreement include teacher pay increases tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and continuation of health insurance benefits. The agreement also continues to provide classroom teachers with a regularly established schedule of professional development and collaboration time. Under the agreement, teachers will now receive a stipend for their involvement in some of these sessions, which create additional professional opportunities for teachers to develop and align instructional lessons, analyze student data, and reflect on instructional practices. 

A copy of the Negotiated Contract between the Board of Education of District 90 and the River Forest Education Association can be downloaded here or on the District’s website.  Please click here to read the press release that provides additional details about the new bargaining agreement.